Life @AKR

As we are living in Digital World where every things are moving very fast towards Digitization. Then, Why shouldn’t this concept be thought for our Regular offices. In present scenario, When we can find all the things Online on a single click, then why can’t we find our office Online.
Keeping this revolutionary thought in mind, We introduce “ONLINE OFFICE” . We have decided to transform our Regular office to “Online office”. Now, We facilitate our employees & client with the following luxuries –

We provide Ease of doing Job.
No need to join office.
Get rid off the frustration cycle of job (i.e.- 9am to 6.30pm)
Do your job from any corner of earth.
You can start your work of the day at anytime.
Result Oriented & Time Oriented Job Only.
No worry about attendance, leaves & other issue which you face in regular offices.
No Boss, No Manager, Be your Own Boss.
Enjoy your professional and personal life together.