Bulk SMS & Bulk Email

Bulk SMS Service is extensively in demand as it is serving as an effective tool for the business marketing. Along with it, this also serves as a channel for establishing association with perspective audiences. Through simple steps, one can send business enquiries to multiple associated in one go. This has further helped various businesses to keep in contact with their clients and hence resulting in long term business relationships.
At AKR Multiwebservices Pvt Ltd , one can opt for the Bulk SMS Service and enjoy every benefit. Through this service, the clients can target their audiences and send queries for their respective business. The companies are provided with a user ID, Password and huge database of the perspective clients. This service only requires filling of the phone numbers of the clients and typing the short business message and send the same to multiple clients in a single shot.
The diligent efforts of the team at AKR Multiwebservices Pvt Ltd have helped the companies to enjoy the excellent business marketing strategies. Moreover, these services are highly reliable, helps in generating business leads and thus affordable.

Our mission is to progress with the ever-advancing technology and to provide realistic solutions by making use of the wireless technology. The wireless internet and the collaboration between office and mobile communication is advancing at such a pace that it so difficult to keep up with the advancements.

AKR Tech is at the forefront of these expansions and advancements, providing working solutions for both business and other users through the wireless internet and mobile technologies. The SMS solutions that we provide are used in a number of ways to drive new business models and provide corporate solutions. We aim to use the evolving technologies as much as possible and to formulate realistic solutions for the business needs of our clients. Most of our solutions are developed in-house, or with third party system integration.